In addition to an exceptional villa, I also offer you an interesting selection of additional service packages. Feel like a king - and be pampered like a queen!

Your personal chef or Michelin 3 stars

Would you like to be pampered individually by our chef? On one, several or all days of your stay?

We will gladly arrange your gourmet programme according to your wishes. Optionally, we can also organise your excursion (incl. chauffeur) to Quique DaCosta, one of the famous and exceptional Michelin 3 star chefs. After booking the villa, we will contact you personally in order to perfectly arrange your desired programme together with you.


Breakfast service

My team and I will buy all the ingredients you need for your individual, made-to-measure breakfast. Of course, rolls and pastries are bought fresh from the bakery every day. With the fresh and delicious ingredients, we prepare everything in the villa daily at the time of your choice and ensure a good start. After the extended enjoyment (included are up to 90 min.) of your VIP breakfast, we of course also make sure that everything is sparkling clean again as before.

The price for the breakfast service (depending on the number of guests, from 22 €/person) includes the individual choice per guest of Continental Breakfast, American Breakfast, English Breakfast or French Breakfast with a purchase of goods worth up to 15 € per person as well as, of course, our complete service. Against payment of the additional costs, you can of course extend your list of ingredients as you wish, up to and including champagne, caviar & co. After booking the villa, we will send you a link or document by means of which you can specify your individual wishes per guest in detail.

Paella & Barbecue

Enjoy an extensive barbecue in the comfort of your own home on one evening and a typical Spanish paella experience on another evening! Prepared in front of your eyes, with fresh and healthy ingredients and the possibility to add everything individually according to your wishes. The days that are best for you can be chosen as you wish, within the limits of our chef's availability.

The price of the dinner package (depending on the number of guests, from 45 € p.p. and dinner) also includes all drinks (house wine red and white, water, beer, sweet drinks, coffee and tea) during the dinner (2 hours).

Abendliche Tapas-Tour in Alicante
Tapas Tour

A tapa ['tapa'] (Spanish for 'lid', 'cover') is a small appetiser usually served in tapas bars with wine, beer, vermouth or port, now often water.

Tapas in Spain are usually served in tapas bars and bodegas and eaten standing up. Each tapas bar has its own individual selection of different tapas. The transition from a tapa to a ración (larger quantity) or to a pincho (Basque tapa variant with generally more elaborate preparation) is fluid.

We know the best tapas bars in the city and organise a personally guided tour of the old town and 3 selected tapas bars. You will be picked up at home by a private chauffeur, personally accompanied by us during the entire 2-hour tour and, of course, safely escorted home again. In each tapas bar you will enjoy 2 typical tapas and a drink of your choice (house wines red and white, beer, sweet drinks, water). Included in the price from €60 p.p. (depending on the number of guests) already includes all the services mentioned.